Descendants of N.N. GUTHRIE

I.1    N.N. GUTHRIE, fiddler.
   1. m  Jeremiah Pearsall (Jerry P.) GUTHRIE (see also II.1).
   2. m  Gid GUTHRIE, ranchowner.


II.1    Jeremiah Pearsall (Jerry P.) GUTHRIE, middle management in cowboy business, carpenter, mechanic.
Married (1) to Martha N.N. (Martha Guthrie).
Married (2).
From the first marriage:
   1. m  Jeff Davis GUTHRIE (see also III.1).
   2. m  Gid GUTHRIE.
   3. f  Laura GUTHRIE (see also III.5).
From the second marriage:
   4. m  Charles Edward (Charley) GUTHRIE (see also III.6).
   5. m  Claude GUTHRIE.
   6. f  Maude GUTHRIE ("Skinny Granny") (see also III.11).
   7. m  John Camel GUTHRIE (see also III.12).


III.1    Jeff Davis GUTHRIE, born on 14-07-1861 in Williamson County (TX).
Married (1) to Allene BOYDSTUN (see also IV.15).
Married (2) to Mattie Elizabeth JORDAN.
From the first marriage:
   1. m  Robbie Gid GUTHRIE.

III.5    Laura GUTHRIE.
Married to N.N. MOORE.
From this marriage:
   1. m  Jess MOORE.
   2. m  Eddie MOORE.
   3. f  Amalee MOORE.

III.6    Charles Edward (Charley) GUTHRIE, ranch hand, cowboy, bookkeeper, assistant postmaster, born 1879 in Bell County, Texas.
Married (1) to Nora Belle TANNER, 17 years old, born on 22-03-1886 in Kansas, died on 13-06-1930 in Norman at the age of 44, daughter of George B. SHERMAN, dirt farmer, and Mary MALONEY (Mary Tanner), schoolteacher Indian School (Welty).
Married (2) in Santa Fé to Bettie Jean MCPHERSON, nurse.
From the first marriage:
   1. f  Clara Edna GUTHRIE, born 11-1904, died 5-1919 in Okemah.
   2. m  Lee Roy (Roy) GUTHRIE, born 12-1906.
Married to Ann N.N. (Ann Guthrie).
   3. m  Woodrow Wilson (Woody) GUTHRIE (see also IV.8).
   4. m  George GUTHRIE, born 2-1918 in Okemah.
   5. f  Mary Josephine (Mary Jo) GUTHRIE (see also IV.14).

III.11    Maude GUTHRIE ("Skinny Granny").
Married to Robert BOYDSTUN, gaunt farmer.
From this marriage:
   1. f  Allene BOYDSTUN (see also IV.15).
   2. f  Geneva BOYDSTUN.

III.12    John Camel GUTHRIE, blacksmith.
Married to Ethel WORLEY, daughter of Charles Philip WORLEY.
From this marriage:
   1. f  Dorothy GUTHRIE, musician, born on 09-11-1909 in Olive (OK), died 1998 in Reno (NV).
   2. m  Leon Jerry (Jack) GUTHRIE, born on 13-11-1915 in Olive, Oklahoma, died on 15-01-1948 in Livermore, California at the age of 32.
Married to Ruth HENDERSON.
   3. f  Wava GUTHRIE (see also IV.21).


IV.8    Woodrow Wilson (Woody) GUTHRIE, folksinger and songwriter, born on 14-07-1912 in Okemah, Oklahoma, USA, died on 03-10-1967 in Queens, New York at the age of 55.
Married (1) in Pampa, Texas, divorced from Mary Esta JENNINGS (Mary Boyle), born, daughter of Harry JENNINGS, farmer, barkeeper, tradesman in second hand furniture, and Mrs. Harry JENNINGS.
Married (2) 1942, divorced 1953 from Marjorie GREENBLATT (Marjorie Mazia), dancer and dance teacher, born on 06-10-1917 in Atlanta City, New Jersey, USA, died 1983, daughter of Isidore (Izadore) GREENBLATT, bananaseller and manufacturor, and Aliza (Bubby) WAITZMAN, Yiddish writer.
Married (3) to Anneke van KIRK.
From the first marriage:
   1. f  Gwendolyn Gail (Gwen) GUTHRIE ("Teeny"), born 11-1935, died 1976.
   2. f  Sue GUTHRIE, born 1937, died 1989.
   3. m  Will Rogers (Bill) GUTHRIE, born 1939, died 1960.
From the second marriage:
   4. f  Cathy Ann (Stacky) GUTHRIE (Stackabones), born 1943, died 1947.
   5. m  Arlo Davy GUTHRIE (see also V.5).
   6. m  Joady Ben GUTHRIE (Old Man Joads) (see also V.7).
   7. f  Nora Lee GUTHRIE (see also V.9).
From the third marriage:
   8. f  Lorinna Lynn GUTHRIE, born on 22-02-1954, died about 1973.

IV.14    Mary Josephine (Mary Jo) GUTHRIE, born 2-1922.
Married to Hulette EDGMON.
From this marriage:
   1. f  Susan EDGMON.

IV.15    Allene BOYDSTUN.
Married to Jeff Davis GUTHRIE (see also III.1).
From this marriage: 1 child (see under III.1).
IV.21    Wava GUTHRIE, musician.
Married (1) to Ted AKINS.
Married (2) to n.n. WHITE.
Married (3) to n.n. BLAKE.
From the first marriage:
   1. m  Jack AKINS.
   2. f  Minnie Lou (Mickey) AKINS (see also V.15).


V.5    Arlo Davy GUTHRIE, born on 10-07-1947 in Coney Island, New York, USA.
Married to Jacky.
From this marriage:
   1. m  Abraham (Abe) GUTHRIE, born on 01-04-1970.
   2. f  Cathyaliza (Cathy) GUTHRIE, born on 16-05-1972.
   3. f  Annie GUTHRIE (see also VI.3).
   4. f  Sarah Lee GUTHRIE (see also VI.5).

V.7    Joady Ben GUTHRIE (Old Man Joads), born 1948.
   1. m  Damon GUTHRIE.

V.9    Nora Lee GUTHRIE, born 1950.
Married (1), divorced from Ted ROTANTE, born.
Married (2) to Michael KLEFF, born march 1954.
From the first marriage:
   1. f  Anna Lee ROTANTE, born 1978.
Married to Scott Francis CANONI.
   2. m  Cole ROTANTE, born 1986.

V.15    Minnie Lou (Mickey) AKINS.
Divorced (1) from Walter THOMAS.
Divorced (2) from Victor PAYNE.
Married (3) to Edward Bruce ARMSTRONG.
From the first marriage:
   1. f  Rebecca G. THOMAS.
   2. f  Shelley Lynn THOMAS.
From the second marriage:
   3. m  Rick Lee PAYNE.
   4. f  Kelly A. PAYNE.
From the third marriage:
   5. f  Lori ARMSTRONG.


VI.3    Annie GUTHRIE, born on 15-07-1976.
   1. f  Jacklyn GUTHRIE, born about 2002.

VI.5    Sarah Lee GUTHRIE, born on 17-02-1979.
Married to Johnny IRION.
From this marriage:
   1. f  Olivia IRION.
   2. f  Sophie IRION.


The names of these descendants are taken from the following books:

Joe Klein: "Woody Guthrie, a life"
(Faber and Faber, 1981, ISBN 0-571-15277-5)

Woody Guthrie: "Bound for Glory"
(Picador, 1974, ISBN 0-330-24166-4)

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Further information I got from
Cathyaliza Guthrie, Anna Canoni, Chris Moxey,
Villy M. Sorensen, Lori Armstrong, John Altum
from Woody & Arlo albums.

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