I.1 Walter BURNES, farmer, died 11-1670.
1. James BURNES (see also II.1).


II.1 James BURNES, farmer, born about 1656,
died on 23-01-1743, buried in Glenbervie.
Married with Margaret FALCONER, born about 1659, died 1749.
From this marriage:
1. James BURNES, born 1690, died 1773.
Married with CHRISTIE.
2. Thomas BURNES, born 1705, died 1734.
3. Robert BURNES of Clockenhill (see also III.4).
4. William BURNES, farmer.
5. Elspeth BURNES.
Married in Drumlithie with GAVIN.
6. Christian BURNES.
Married in Craigniston with CRAB.
7. George BURNES, farmer.


III.4 Robert BURNES of Clockenhill, farmer.
built first school-house in district.
Married about 1715 with Isobel KEITH.
From this marriage:
1. James BURNES (see also IV.1).
2. Robert BURNES, gardener, born 1719, died on 03-01-1789 in Stewarton, Ayrshire.
3. William BURNES (Burness) (see also IV.4).
4. Margaret BURNES, born 1723.
Married with Archibald WALKER.
5. Elspeth BURNES, born 1725.
Married with John CAIRD.
6. Jean BURNES, born 1727.
Married with John BURNES.
7. George BURNES, born 1729.
8. Isobel BURNES, born 1730.
Married with William BRAND, Dyer.
9. Mary BURNES, born 1732.
10. n.n. BURNES.


IV.1 James BURNES, merchant and Provost of Monrose,
born 1717, died 1761.
Married with Margaret GRUB.
From this marriage:
1. James BURNESS (see also V.1).

IV.4 William BURNES (Burness), landscape gardener,
born on 11-11-1721 in Stonehaven (Kincardineshire),
died on 13-02-1784 in Lochlie at the age of 62, buried in Alloway. Left home, 1748.
Laid out meadows in Edinburgh, 1749.
Gardener in Dundonald, 1750.
Gardener to Crauford of Doonside, 1752.
Married at the age of 36 on 15-12-1757 in Maybole with Agnes BROUN, 25 years old,
born on 17-03-1732, died on 14-01-1820 in Grant's Braes, Haddingtonshire at the age of 87,
buried in Bolton Churchyard near Haddington.
After husband's dead, lived with her son Gilbert, daughter of Gilbert BROWN.
From this marriage:
1. Robert BURNS (Burnes) (see also V.2).
2. Gilbert BURNS (Burnes) (see also V.8).
3. Agnes BURNES, born on 30-09-1762,
died on 17-10-1834 at the age of 72, buried in Dundalk.
Married 1804. no issue with William GAULT (Galt).
4. Annabella BURNES, born on 14-11-1764,
died on 02-03-1832 at the age of 67, buried in Bolton, near Haddington.
5. William BURNES, born on 30-07-1767,
died on 24-07-1790 in London at the age of 22, buried in St. Pauls, London.
6. John BURNES, born on 12-07-1769 in Mount Oliphant, Ayrshire,
died on 24-07-1785 in Mossgiel at the age of 16.
7. Isabella (Isobel) BURNES (see also V.16).


V.1 James BURNESS, lawyer and writer, born 1750, died 1837.
1. James BURNES (see also VI.1).

V.2 Robert BURNS (Burnes),
poet, songwriter, songcollector and excise officer, born on 25-01-1759 in Alloway,
died on 21-07-1796 in Dumfries at the age of 37, buried on 25-07-1796 in St. Michael churchyard, Dumfries.
In the Parish register at Clochnahill, the family name is shown as Burnes.
It appears in this form on the tombstone of the Poet's father at Alloway.
Until 3rd April 1786, Robert used the same spelling.
After that date by agreement between the poet and his brother Gilbert
the style was changed to Burns
Married at the age of 29 on 02-05-1788 in Mauchline.
Church marriage on 05-08-1788 in Mauchline with
Jean ARMOUR, 23 years old, born on 27-02-1765,
died on 26-03-1834 in Dumfries at the age of 69, daughter of James ARMOUR.
From this marriage:
1. Robert BURNS (see also VI.5).
2. Jean BURNS, born on 03-09-1786 in Mossgiel, died 10-1786.
3. n.n BURNS, born on 03-03-1788, died on 10-03-1788.
4. n.n. BURNS, born on 03-03-1788, died on 23-03-1788.
5. Francis Wallace BURNS, born on 18-08-1789, died on 09-07-1803 at the age of 13.
6. William Nicol BURNS, colonel East India Company, born on 09-04-1791,
died on 21-02-1872 at the age of 80.
Lieut. Col. in Madras, home 1843,
Colonel at Cheltenham, 1855.
Took part in Burns' Festivals 1844 and 1859.
Married 1822. no issue with Catherine Adelaide CRONE, died on 29-06-1841.
7. Elisabeth Riddell BURNS,
born on 21-11-1793, died 9-1795.
8. James Glencairn BURNS (see also VI.14).
9. Maxwell BURNS, born on 25-07-1796 in Dumfries, died on 25-04-1799 at the age of 2.
Other children of Robert Burns:
10. Elizabeth PATON (dear bought Bess) (see also VI.3).
11. n.n. BURNS? Born 11-1788, son of Jenny CLOW.
12. Elisabeth (Betty) BURNS (see also VI.20),
daughter of Ann Park (Anna with the gowden locks)
of the Globe Inn
13. n.n. BURNS? Child of Meg CAMERON.

V.8 Gilbert BURNS (Burnes), born on 28-08-1760,
died on 08-04-1827 in Grant's Braes, Haddingtonshire at the age of 66,
buried in Bolton Cemetery near Haddington.
Married 6-1791 with Jean BRECKONRIDGE.
From this marriage:
1. William BURNS, born 1792 in Portarlington, died 1879.
2. Thomas BURNS, born 1796, died 1871.
3. Gilbert BURNS, born 1803 in Dublin, died after 1882.
4. Anne BURNS, born 1805 in Dublin, died after 1882.
5. n.n. BURNS, died before1850.
6. n.n. BURNS, died before1850.
7. n.n. BURNS, died before1850.
8. n.n. BURNS, died before1850.
9. n.n. BURNS, died before1850.
10. n.n. BURNS, died before1850.
11. n.n. BURNS, died before1850.

V.16 Isabella (Isobel) BURNES, born on 27-06-1771,
died on 04-12-1858 at the age of 87, buried in Alloway.
Supported family by teaching in East lothian till 1843. Then at Ayr till death..
Married at the age of 22 on 07-12-1793.
with John BEGG, superintendant of the farm of Dinning, died on 24-04-1813.
they had six sons and three daughters. Many of there present day descendants are living in Australia.
From this marriage:
1. William BEGG, born 1794, died 1864 in Canada.
2. John BEGG, born 1796, died 1876 in Kilmarnock.
3. Robert BEGG, born 1798, died 1876 in Kinross.


VI.1 James BURNES, Provost of Montrose.
1. Sir Alexander BURNES.

VI.3 Elizabeth PATON (dear bought Bess),
born on 22-05-1785, died on 08-12-1817 at the age of 32.
Married with John BISHOP.
From this marriage:
1. n.n. BISHOP (see also VII.2).

VI.5 Robert BURNS, born on 03-09-1786 in Mossgiel,
died on 14-05-1857 at the age of 70.
Married 1808 with Ann SHERWOOD, died 1835.
From this marriage:
1. Eliza BURNS (see also VII.4).
2. Robert BURNS (see also VII.5).
3. Jane Emma BURNS (see also VII.8).

VI.14 James Glencairn BURNS,
colonel East India Company, born on 21-08-1794, died on 18-11-1865 at the age of 71.
Entertained by Scott at Abbotsford (17-9-1831) when home on furlough.
East Indies, 1811.
Captain of Bengal Infantry.
To India as Judge 1833.
Returned as Major 1839.
Married (1) 1818 with Sarah ROBINSON, born 1797,
died on 07-11-1821 in Neemuch, East India.
Married (2) 1828 with Mary BECKET.
From the first marriage:
1. Jane Isabella BURNS, born on 13-01-1819, died 6-1823.
2. Robert Shaw BURNS, born 5-1820, died on 11-12-1821.
3. Sara Elisabeth Maitland Tombs BURNS (see also VII.12).
From the second marriage:
4. Anne Becket BURNS.

VI.20 Elisabeth (Betty) BURNS, born on 19-04-1791,
died on 13-06-1873 at 03:00 hour in Crossmyloof at the age of 82, buried in Kirk Lane, Pollokshaws.
Married 1808 with John THOMSON, retired soldier and weaver, born 1784, died 1869.
From this marriage:
1. Robert Burns THOMSON, born about 1798, died on 14-04-1867 in Shawlands.
Married with Eliza MCNAUGHT, born about 1821, died on 14-12-1890 in Rutherglen.
2. James THOMSON.
3. Maggie THOMSON, died after 1859.
At Centenary in King's Arms Hall, Glasgow 1859.
Married with David WINGATE.
4. Agnes THOMSON, died after 1859.
At Centenary in King's Arms Hall, Glasgow 1859 .
Married with WATSON.
5. Eliza THOMSON, died after 1859.
At Centenary in King's Arms Hall, Glasgow, 1859 .
Married with M'LELLAN.
6. n.n. THOMSON.
7. n.n. THOMSON.


VII.2 n.n. BISHOP.
1. Thomas BISHOP. present in 1859 at Merchants' Hall, Glasgow.

VII.4 Eliza BURNS, born 1812, died 1878.
She was taken to India by her uncle James Glencairn Burns.
Married 1834 in India with Dr. B.J. EVERTETT,
surgeon of the Indian Medical Service, died 1840.
From this marriage:
1. Martha EVERTETT.
Married with Matthew THOMSON, manager of the Everett State.

VII.5 Robert BURNS.
Married with Mary CAMPBELL.
From this marriage:
1. Robert BURNS, died 1895 in Edinburgh.

VII.8 Jane Emma BURNS.
Married with Thomas BROWN.
From this marriage:
1. Jean Armour Burns BROWN, born 1864, died 1937 in Dumfries.

VII.12 Sara Elisabeth Maitland Tombs BURNS, born 11-1821.
Church marriage 1847 in Cheltenham with Berkeley Westropp (Dr.) HUTCHISON.
Their first three children died from either meazles or whooping cough on a voyage to Australia in 1852.
From this marriage:
1. Annie Vincent Burns HUTCHINSON, born on 15-07-1854 in Warnambool, Victoria, Australia.
no issue, married with James SCOTT, winegrower.
2. Robert Burns HUTCHINSON (see also VIII.8).
3. Violet Burns HUTCHINSON, born 1859, died 1951.
4. Margaret Constance Burns HUTCHINSON (see also VIII.12).


VIII.8 Robert Burns HUTCHINSON, tea trader,
born on 10-12-1855, died on 26-08-1944 at the age of 88.
Married with Mabel BURHAND, died on 08-02-1947.
From this marriage:
1. Dorothy Mabel Burns HUTCHINSON (see also IX.2).
2. Robina Burns HUTCHINSON (see also IX.4).
3. Hugh Burhand Westropp Burns HUTCHINSON (see also IX.5).
4. Jean Burns HUTCHINSON (see also IX.8).
5. Berkeley Westropp Burns HUTCHINSON (see also IX.9).

VIII.12 Margaret Constance Burns HUTCHINSON,
born in Mossgiel, Albany, Australia, died in Cheltenham, England.
Married with George Hood GOWRING M.A. Died 1936.
From this marriage:
1. George Ian Burns GOWRING (see also IX.11).


IX.2 Dorothy Mabel Burns HUTCHINSON, born on 21-05-1893.
Married in Vancouver with Charles R.W. SABOURIN.
From this marriage:
1. Dorothea Mary SABOURIN (see also X.2).
2. John Burhand SABOURIN, born 1930.
Married in Vancouver. no issue with Jeanette BUNNESS.
3. Robert Emery SABOURIN, Flight Luietenant, Royal Canadian Airforce.
Married in Alberta. no issue with Jose GILBERT.
4. Berkeley Walker SABOURIN (see also X.7).

IX.4 Robina Burns HUTCHINSON, born 1897.
Married in Ladner, British Columbia with George DENNIS.
From this marriage:
1. Robert George Burns DENNIS (see also X.9).
2. Philip Burns DENNIS (see also X.11).

IX.5 Hugh Burhand Westropp Burns HUTCHINSON, born 1900.
Married in Long Beach, California with Kathleen MORTIMER.
From this marriage:
1. Nadine Olive HUTCHINSON, born on 06-10-1928.
2. Dorothea Jean HUTCHINSON, born on 06-04-1934.
3. Maureen Ann HUTCHINSON, born on 06-09-1935.

IX.8 Jean Burns HUTCHINSON, born 1903.
Married in Victoria, British Columbia with William OSBORN.
From this marriage:
1. Vicky OSBORN, born 11-1944.
2. Cheryl OSBORN, born 8-1945.

IX.9 Berkeley Westropp Burns HUTCHINSON, born 1908.
Married with Lida Viola BENTON, born 1914.
From this marriage:
1. Bonnie Jean HUTCHINSON, born 1941.
2. Edward Benton HUTCHINSON, born 1945 in San Marino, California.

IX.11 George Ian Burns GOWRING.
Married in Ashstead, Surrey with Aileen Mary Elder MCCORMACK.
From this marriage:
1. Ian Michael GOWRING.
2. Richard james GOWRING.
3. Lavinia Jane GOWRING.


X.2 Dorothea Mary SABOURIN, born 1920.
Married in Ottawa with W.G. MCGUIRE, Luietenant Colonel.
From this marriage:
1. Patricia Mary Ann MCGUIRE, born on 31-08-1946.
2. Katherine MCGUIRE, born on 12-01-1947.
3. Sally Teresa MCGUIRE, born on 28-07-1949.
4. Peter William Carson MCGUIRE, born on 14-10-1951.

X.7 Berkeley Walker SABOURIN.
Married in Vancouver with Kathleen GRANT.
From this marriage:
1. Brian Andrew SABOURIN, born on 23-09-1956.
2. Ann Mitchell SABOURIN, born on 24-04-1960 in Vancouver.

X.9 Robert George Burns DENNIS, born 1922.
Married with Pamela Mae BELL.
From this marriage:
1. Sandra Lariene DENNIS, born on 03-03-1949.
2. Gail DENNIS, born on 04-05-1952.

X.11 Philip Burns DENNIS, born 1926.
Married with Frances CREES.
From this marriage:
1. Collin Burns DENNIS, born on 04-10-1952.
2. Christopher Burns DENNIS, born on 16-02-1956.
3. Robina Burns DENNIS, born on 01-09-1958.
4. Deborah Burns DENNIS, born on 25-04-1960.


The names of these descendants are taken from the following books:
"Oxford Dictionary of National Biography", 1968
Tom McCrorie: "The Family Tree of Robert Burns" (revised edition, )
John Gray: "Robert Burns Why, When and Where"(10th edition, 1985)

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